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Certificates of Authenticity for Luxury Brands

Future-thinking brands use Authentic to protect their customers, fight fraud, and support secondary sales.

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ring with a huge diamond in the middle with a gray background

Pavé Ring

Description:White diamond on platinum

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Finally, no more paperwork

Update your customer experience with secure and encrypted digital certificates of authenticity. Our records are immutable, minimize fraud and increase transparency.


  • Documentation
  • Product Provenance
  • Ownership History


  • Secondary sales
  • Insurance
  • Loans

Our Values


Each certificate securely encrypts and stores all product information and metadata.


All actions are recorded on the blockchain, guarding against fraud and maintaining a transparent ecosystem.


Your customers can conveniently access their certificates from anywhere in the world.

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Future-Proof your Brand

Authentic is perfect for jewelry, engagement rings, watches, antiques, and any other products that have certificates of authenticity attached.